Niles Law Firm

Complete Legal Services at Reasonable Fees

I believe that clients are best served by the prevention of legal problems through careful and thorough advice given prior to their entering into transactions and business arrangements.
— Jay A. Slutzky, attorney at law

My law office is in Niles, Illinois, and I serve clients throughout Chicago and the north and northwest Chicago suburbs. I have a full-service law practice. Clients consult with me for a variety of legal matters, such as wills, trusts and estate planning, sale and purchase of real estate, starting a business, divorce, elder law issues and Medicaid planning, probate of a will, trust settlement, personal injury and auto accidents.

I am a family lawyer who people come to when they have a legal issue, just as people go to a family doctor when they have a medical issue.

I come from a family of lawyers. For as long as I can remember, I've had a passion for the law. I have been a practicing attorney since 1974.

Some legal issues are complex and involve different areas of law. As a full-service lawyer, I can help you with all of the legal issues you are facing. For example, if you are buying commercial property, you might protect yourself from personal liability by creating a business entity to hold the property. If your family is changing — whether you are going through a divorce or having a child, your estate plan should be revised accordingly. My goal as your lawyer is to protect your interests.

Client service is a priority to me. I will take the time to meet with you, listen to you and give you the proper advice, guidance and representation you deserve. I return your phone calls promptly. I know how important your legal matter is to you, and I will keep you updated regarding its progress.

Jay A. Slutzky, attorney at law